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June 07, 2018

1. Changing fonts can save you some printer ink
Yes, that's right! Fonts are not created equal. People created fonts to convey a message, for aesthetics, and to emphasize a message. 
The theory is, if you use a "small-sized" font (with a lighter stroke), you'll use less ink per page. If you use inkjet printers, you'll most likely save 10 percent of ink every time you use a lighter fonts.
2. You can block anyone on facebook but not Mark Zuckerberg 
Mark Zuckerberg
No, this is not Eminem...this is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook.
3.QWERTY was designed to make you slow down
QWERTY phones were designed to make people slow in typing. But little did they know that it'll be the same as typing in a keyboard. A study in 2011 proved that people who used QWERTY phones would like to still use it because it's like they are typing on an actual keyboard.
4. STEWARDESSES is the longest word you can type on a keyboard using your left hand.
You tried it didn't you?
5. 83.2% of Facebook users gain self-esteem through likes on their posts
Facebook Like Image
Getting likes or comment from our friends is a major motivator of social media activity, and most of us give a lot of feedback to our Facebook friends.

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