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June 13, 2018

1. Time Heals

Let's admit it at the time of hardships in our life we don't really think that time heals all wounds. But the truth is, it's always the best antidote to all the poison that we took. Just try to remember a hardship a year ago. You fought it and survived right?

2. Quality Relationship Is Beneficial 

Doing your hobby is fun. Spending time alone can be great. But nothing will ever replace a healthy relationship with your family or better half.

3. Nobody Is Perfect

Even successful persons have failed a lot of times. Harland Sanders, founder of KFC, has failed a thousand times before successfully selling one chicken. 

4. If You Are Alive, You Are Lucky

Did you know you won a competition even before you were born? Yes, of all the sperm cells that wanted to live you won. If you're eating everyday you're also lucky. Just appreciate little things in life and you'll be more positive towards life.

5. Sleeping Is Essential

When you sleep, you recharge everything in yourself. You regain stable mental health, physical health, energy levels, and productivity. Pretty much It depends on your willingness to set your energy regularly.

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