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June 16, 2018

It's that time of the year again, where you set goals to make things a little better. We people really want to eliminate old and bad habits. We always hope to achieve our goals even if they are big, but in the middle of doing it we can't avoid stress.


1. Laugh. Really Hard.

As everyone says, "laughter is the best medicine" is quite true. It's impossible to feel stress when you laugh hard; your mind follows your body and thoughts. So try watching a funny movie when you are stressed out. It's like misdirecting yourself from all the stress you felt.


2. Hug Longer

Hugging is proven to be beneficial to humans. It spikes oxytocin in the brain which calms a person's mind and body. It's really good to hug someone you love because both parties will benefit from it. Just imagining a hug from someone feels good, what more if we hugged them for real?

3. Improve Your Reasoning

I love to eat sweet things. Yes. I always eat more dessert than the main course. I tried cutting out a lot of sweet foods because I don't want to get fat. Of course, it did not end well for me. 

I asked myself what are the benefits of eating too much sweets. All I think about is diabetes. I found my reasoning. It was hard at first but I did it step-by-step. 

For those who are struggling in making decisions, you just need to think of the outcomes first before committing to something.


4. Move It

Everyone loves to stay in bed and do nothing all day. Based on scientists, there's a 30% chance to think more negatively when you are doing nothing all day. We suggest to move it. Yes. Go outside, play games, give time to your friends, or study what you want to learn. 

Exercising for about 20 minutes will give optimize your brain for positive thoughts. Have you noticed that after a physical tiredness your brain becomes active? It is the key to a healthy brain. 


5. Reflect

Without looking at the past, you should evaluate yourself on a daily basis. That way, you can identify what to do the next day that will make you stress-free. At the end of the day, you should let go of the negative things you think and keep all the good ones. It's essential to reflect, because it gives us more ways and not get stuck on what is currently happening to us.


6. Ask Yourself

Always think of the things that made you stress that day. And simply avoid those things to eliminate stress. Of course, It's not applicable to all. What I like to think about when I'm stress is:

-I am already in this stage and I won't give up. 

-I survived every stress I get everyday.

Just enjoy the little things and all the stress will be gone one by one.


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Much love!

Sarah M
Nice Stuff Co Team

 Do you know any tips to avoid stress? Share them below!

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