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June 15, 2018

Exercise, calling a friend, and eating out? These are the things you do to get an instant relief. But what about when times are really hard? How do we find joy when you are at the rock bottom?

Many of us have faced and are facing these things; situations that brought our knees down, endlessly crying. In these moments, joy seems to be hard to achieve.

But believe me, it's possible.


1. Embrace Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion that create things like fight, flight, freeze response in the brain. When you are trying to survive, everything seems unclear and it's really hard to think. That's why it's important to know that you are afraid. That way, you can think of things that will make the fear go away.


2. Do It Step-By-Step

When there's so much to think of, everything seems to fall apart. It's important to find calmness first before handling any problem. Break it down and solve it one by one.

3. Choose Optimism

You can find joy by being optimistic. We can never ignore negative thoughts that come to mind. What you can do is counter it with a positive thinking by simply just looking at things differently. 

4. Zoom Out

Have you evaluated yourself lately? Evaluating yourself means looking at yourself and evaluating things you've done so far. It may be good or bad, doesn't matter. What matters is that you can now approach the world with confidence because you already know yourself. Of course, after evaluating yourself improve the pros and delete the cons.

5. Take Action

When times are hard, we often just lay on our bed and think about sad things. Pretty common right? Of course you can't just be happy instantly after a hard and sad experience. What you can do is go through the process first, then take action by doing things that will keep you busy. For most people, it really takes time to recover but you can find joy in small things; just look at yourself. Yes. You've reached this far and there's nothing to go but up.


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Much love!

Sarah M
Nice Stuff Co Team

 Do you know any tips to finding joy? Share them below!

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