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June 11, 2018

Are you getting bored at home and you don't like to go outside? Here's some easy and boredom-busting activities to do with the kids!


Stamped Shirt

Sure you could use tomatoes, but halved bell peppers make their own intricate designs when dipped in paint. Try shades of green for shamrocks, or a pastel palette for a wearable flower garden. 

Fairy Garden

For adults, it's just a cute pot; to them it's magical land full of fairies. Sprinkle some over your pint-sized garden and wait for the fairies to come out and play!

Skee Ball

Very easy to build and play! Dump out the laundry baskets for an indoor arcade game. Launched off a cardboard ramp, plastic balls score major points with bored kids.


Temporary Tattoos

Celebrate your kid's love of doodling by making temporary tattoos out of her own art. It's a project that makes you look like you love needles for a certain amount of time. 

Water Balloon Batting Station

Enjoy playing baseball with water balloons as the ball.

Mini Paratrooper

All you need is plastic, string, and a toy to do this! Every kid loves to toss the paratrooper and see it go down slowly. 

 We're sure you're excited to try this at home!

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