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May 31, 2018

Baby Swimming

Did you know babies are born with the ability to swim? Did you know the newborns are short-sighted? Read and learn more the top 5 facts about your child's development.

Stork Mark

1. Birthmarks are common

About one third of babies are born with a birthmark of some kind. The most common kind is a stork mark (see photo above), also known as angel kiss. This mark will disappear in 6 months time. 

Birthmarks are harmless and will disappear on their own, though some birthmarks are a sign of a condition that needs treatment. If your baby has a unexplained bumps or unusual color on their skin, ask your pediatrician to take a look.

Baby And Bubbles

2. A 2 year old has many neural pathways compared to adults

In this stage of their life their brain is more active. That's why you can take advantage of it and teach them all you know, or don't since adults have less neural pathways! 

3. Your child won't remember anything before the age of three

Your child may not remember when you gave them a trip to theme parks...What awesome memories!

For you it is, but most likely not for your 2 year old. Before the age of 3, children's memory recorder isn't fully functional. What your baby remembers is all the joy you brought them and the impact you have given them. 

4. Kids have sharper hearing senses

Kids can hear everything with their shiny ears. In fact, kids have better hearing than adults. Due to noise pollution, your ears naturally decrease its sharpness over the years. 

5. Independence is associated with kids imitating their parents

Have you been nice to your kid? Well be grateful because they will be nice to others too! Kids imitating their parents is a sign of independence. This boosts their confidence and individuality; now they can play without getting shy. 

Did you love these awesome facts about child and babies?

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