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June 17, 2018

1. Memorize Something Daily

This will make your brain sharp and detail-oriented when done daily. Try memorize a quote or a motto that is related to your interests. Not only will this keep your memory functioning, you will also gain self confidence from a positive quote.


2. Develop Your Curiosity

Explore that world and view it as a new planet. Stop observing all the little things you see. Try new and fun things. Get out of your comfort zone by doing things that you don't usually do or afraid to do. 


3. Forget The Past

Yes. Forget all bad things in the past and retain all the good memories. The future is always a fruit of your work at the present. Learn from the past and to do better in the present so you could have a greater future. So much past-present-future references right? I know you got it. 


4. Help Others

It's a proven method to feel motivated everyday. When you help a person, it gives back a good feeling to you. It's when you see people smile because of the favor you have given them that makes the world more livable place.


5. Meditate For 5 Minutes Daily

Every successful person meditates everyday. Some of them do 1 hour of meditation to calm their mind and to help them focus throughout the day. One method of meditation is by sitting down and thinking about nothing. Yes, nothing. It's really hard to do this but my way is easy ans simple. I just visualize myself sitting on the floor and that's it. You can try it sometime and let me know how it went. 

Are you going to follow these secrets about life?

Much love!

Sarah M
Nice Stuff Co Team

 Are you doing this already? Share your thoughts below!


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