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Wrist Support Gel Mouse Pad



Do Your Hands And Wrists Hurt After Long Hours Of Using A Mouse? Then This Wrist Support Gel Mouse Pad Is Just For You!

Using a computer mouse for long periods of time strain your wrists and hands especially when you rest your wrists on a hard surface.

Tolerating this causes severe injuries in the wrist area that could lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and we all know that'll bring you to the surgeon.

Remove the stress and pressure on your wrist and rest it comfortably in this Wrist Support Gel Mouse Pad! Its soft silicone gel filling keeps your wrist in a neutral strain -free position!


  • The non-slip rubber under surface adds friction and stays in position.
  • Smooth surface improves tracking mouse movements and consistent gliding
  • Compact size fits well in a busy work area. The ergonomic design provides more space for your mouse to move compared to the standard rectangular shaped mouse pads.


  • Dimensions: 19 cm x 23 cm x 12 cm


  • 1 Wrist Support Mouse Pad

I'm looking for a pad that has a more cloth-like surface. I don't want a hard plastic as my mouse doesn't seem to work well with those. Cloth-like?

Yes! It is cloth bonded to afoam-likee subsurface and works flawlessly with all kinds of mice.

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