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No Sew Button



Having Trouble Buttoning Your Jeans? Then This No Sew Button Is Just For You!

It happens to all of us. Jump, roll over the floor or take a very deep breath. No matter how hard we try, the ends just don't meet. 

Increasing or decreasing waist size means buying a new pair of jeans, or having jeans altered. But save a lot and reduce wardrobe expenses with this No Sew Button that will instantly add or reduce pants waist size in a matter of seconds!

  • Be able to replace buttons the quickest way. Add and reduce an inch to jeans’ waist in just seconds.
  • It works perfectly for any fabric. It is easy to use and children friendly. Just pop in the button and use the fastener to keep it in place!
  • The metal variant of the product comes with 100% high-quality anti-rust metal material. It is durable so there will be no issues after many times of washing.


  • Diameter: 0.5"


  • 8 No Sew Buttons

Won't these come off easily?

No. They are just like a lapel pin. You squeeze the backing and it comes off. Then place button side where you want it to insert the needle part through the garment and replace the backing. 

Can I wash my pants with one on them?

Definitely yes! These will hold up really well through wash cycles!

Click "Add Cart" now and say goodbye to button sewing!

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