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Car Seat Cushion Heater

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Are Your Back And Buttocks Aching From Driving While It is Freezing? Then This Car Seat Cushion Heater Is Just For You!

It's not very hard to hate cold days especially when it's freezing outside and you are stuck in traffic. Your buttocks freeze, your hips ache, and your back is tormented while the coldness drills slowly into your system.

A hug might not be enough but this Car Seat Cushion Heater will surely keep you warm and comfortable while seating in your car for very long hours!

  • Universally fit for cars, trucks, trucks, SUVSRVS and boats with a power cable with cigarette lighter socket adapter, that you can simply plug into your vehicle's 12 volt DC outlet.
  • While straps and hooks secure the cushion to your seat, you will be receiving fast, even, and consistent heating with high and low-temperature choices.
  • It has a built-in regulator keeping you from getting burns from overheating
  • Ideal for use on cold winter mornings, long-distance driving and travel
  • Ideal aid for the relief of muscle soreness, back pain, sore joints, aches, and pains.
  • It is an electric heater powered by your auxiliary power, so it heats up fast. Made of polyester without no lumps, and will not let you feel uncomfortable.


  • Dimensions (L x W): 96" x 59"
  • Weight: Approx. 1kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 45W + 3W
  • Low power consumption: 36W + 3W
  • Powerline: 133cm


  • 1 Car Seat Cushion Heater

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