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Creative Magnetic Building Tiles



Do You Want to Build Skyscrapers? Then These Creative Magnetic Building Tiles Are Perfect For You!

Build the highest skyscrapers with these Creative Magnetic Building Tiles.

Reach new heights by getting creative and putting the pieces together!

Dare to get even higher?

Take a stab at stacking the tiles a piece over the other!

Not everyone can accomplish this amazing feat.

The sky is the limit with these building tiles!

Grab yours today!

  • A set of mini magnetic tiles in different shapes and colors that encourages your kids' imagination.
  • Helps your kids learn while having fun! 
  • Improves your kid's creativity, brain development, and critical thinking.
  • Made of high quality and eco-friendly plastic material so each piece is safe for kids for all ages!


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Classification: Magnetic
  • Pieces: 112 
  • Shapes: Square (24); Equilateral Triangle (24); Isosceles Triangle (8); Hexagon (2); Prism (4); Isosceles Trapezoid (2); Rectangle (2), Plastic Square (32); Ferris Wheel (8); Vehicle Bottom (4)
  • Age Range: > 3 years old

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