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Double-Wheeled Ab Roller Pull Rope



Are You Scared Of Your Tummy Getting Loose? Then This Double-Wheeled Ab Roller Pull Rope Is Just For You!

We know the dilemma of rushing your way out of the office to the gym to get rid of that Thanksgiving tummy. You look at your schedule and you can't even spare 30 minutes to go to the gym before having a day-long corporate meeting and a dinner date after. You could compromise on the situation but after you tried your best suit on and found the buttons are ready to pop-out anytime, you knew you needed to get things done in the mid-section. Luckily, this Double-Wheeled Ab Roller Pull Rope will help you tone your body whenever wherever!

  • This premium design ab roller is made of superior quality steel and rubber to eliminate wobble while increasing stability and control.
  • The ab roller can support up to 500 lbs. and is intended for everyone from beginner to pro-athlete, both men and women.
  • It is optimal for building and maintaining core strength while targeting your abdominals, shoulders, arms and upper/lower back.
  • Its compact size allows you to have a great workout without needing a ton of space, and with the travel bag, you can take it on the go.
  • While ab rollers are one of the best ways to sculpt your abs, they are often very difficult to do in high reps and in good form. This dual wheeled base and resistance bands give the user more control of their movements, assists in maintaining proper form, and offers support to extend workouts.
  • This lightweight, 20 cm diameter heavy duty ab roller includes 2 removable resistance bands that easily strap to your feet, giving you the flexibility to control your form while providing ab-targeting resistance, allowing you to focus on various muscle groups with maximum control so you can burn belly fat and build core strength. 


  • Wheel diameter: 19.5 cm
  • Resistance bands level from 10lbs to 40lbs


  • 2 Large Double-Wheeled Ab Roller
  • 1 Stainless Steel Bar 
  • 2 Tension Bands With Foot Hooks 
  • 2 Comfort Foam Grip Handles 
  • 1 Free Knee Mat


  • .Kneel on the knee mat, hold the handle, push to the limit, and then slowly back to the original place. This method is suitable for people with small waist or female friends. 
  • Sitting in a chair, feet on the abdominal wheel handle, foot forward push the abdominal wheel, pushed to the limit, back to the place.Helps to exercise the calf 
  • Sitting on the ground, feet open V form, to seize the abdominal wheel, body forward or left or right to push to the limit, and then back to its place. 
  • The health of the abdomen wheel placed in front of the chest pushed to the top of the wall, pushed to the limit, back to the chest. 


Can I use it without the resistance bands?

Definitely yes! The resistance bands help roll all the way out and come back up multiple times which is quite harder to do with the wheels alone but you can absolutely use it without them.

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