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Sarah Matthews™ Easy Eyeliner Stamp



Would You Love To Have The Perfect Winged Eyeliner In A Breeze? Then This Sarah Matthews™ Easy Eyeliner Stamp Is Just For YOU!

There’s something about eyeliners that make your eyes look so damn good. They make your eyes more awake, more powerful, more fierce, and just simply more noticeable.

But applying such powerful eye makeup can be a huge struggle. Sometimes, you need to hold your breath for a few seconds just to nail the perfect wing on each eye. Not just that, you must also be relaxed enough to keep the strokes in each eye light but powerful, sharp and even. Above all, you must give it some time to make it work. But who are you kidding, right? You don’t have all the time for it.

Leave your worries behind and perfect the complicated makeup technique with the Sarah Matthews™ Easy Eyeliner Stamp!


  1. BOLD, SHARP, AND EVEN APPLICATION: With free highly pigmented eyeliner ink and strong-bristled eyeliner brush so you get to achieve more defined, bold, strong eyes even with less sleep.
  2. COMES IN THREE (3) DIFFERENT STAMP SIZES: Such as small, medium, and large so you can rock that perfect winged eyeliner any way you want!
  3. WITH LEFT AND RIGHT STAMPS: Each size is specially designed with two stamps for the left and right eye so you get to have both of your eyes stamped perfectly.
  4. INSTANT WINGED EYELINER WITH MINIMAL EFFORT: Just press the size of your choice on the eyeliner ink then stamp it on the edges of your eyes.



  • Easy Eyeliner Stamp Sizes: Small; Medium; Large
  • Easy Eyeliner Stamp Dimensions: 12cm x 4cm
  • Eyeliner Ink Weight: 50g
  • Eyeliner Ink Palette Size: 12cm x 4cm


  • 1 x Easy Eyeliner Stamp
  • 1 x Eyeliner Ink
  • 1 x Eyeliner Brush

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