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Sarah Matthews™ Easy Hair Dye Comb

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Do You Love Colorful Hair? Then This Sarah Matthews™ Easy Hair Dye Comb Is Perfect For YOU!

Dying your hair takes so much time, effort and money. Not to mention, most hair dyes have harmful chemicals that are simply unsafe. Not only that, they could also damage the hair in the long run — making it dry, frizzy, and brittle.

Never let harmful chemicals get in the way of you having that beautifully dyed hair you've always longed for.

Let your hair stand out vibrantly amongst your friends as you express your newfound joy with the Sarah Matthews™ Easy Hair Dye Comb!


  1. EASY AND EFFORTLESS APPLICATION:With vibrant chalk dye that is uniquely designed in a hair comb so you can apply any color to your hair easily and effortlessly!

  2. SIX (6) BRIGHT, PASTEL COLORS:Comes in 6 bright, pastel colors that show beautifully in both light and dark hair!

  3. SAFE TO USE:Made with non-toxic, kid-friendly and high-quality material so it can last all day without causing you nor your hair any harm.

  4. EASY TO WASH OFF: Its water-soluble formula lets you wash the color with water easily.

  5. PERFECT FOR EXTRA STYLISH DAYS:Makes the perfect item you can bond with your daughter or your little sister for that extra stylish days!

  6. SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: For young girls, fashionable women, and men alike.


  • Colors: Green; Red; Blue; Purple; Orange; Pink
  • Size: 10cm x 3cm x 1.5cm
  • Net Weight: 8g


  • 1 x Hair Dye Comb


Q: Would the color show up in existing dyed hair?
Of course! The color will show up in any hair color, dyed or not. Just apply it and comb through as with any other hair.

Q: Can I curl my hair with an iron after using this?
We suggest you curl your hair first before applying the chalk dye to the hair to avoid fading the color. 

Q: Do the colors rub off on clothes or pillowcases?
The chalk dye is temporary and water based. Simply wash it off before sleeping to avoid staining. Remember to make sure your hair is completely dry before combing it through to avoid transferring any color onto your bedsheets or garments.

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