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Freedom Snorkel Mask 2.0 (2017 Version)

Color & Size
Crimson Red M
Crimson Red L
Obsidian Black M
Obsidian Black L



The 2017 FREEDOM SNORKEL MASK 2.0 allows you to see in full 180 degrees without any visual obstruction from the angled viewing pane of the original version.

Also now in Obsidian Blackand Crimson Red for the most stylish adventurers to snorkel in fashion. 

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Snorkeling is an amazing hobby that shouldn't be complicated.

  • So often the mask you wear requires a mouthpiece to breathe which gets your jaws irritated after only a few minutes!
  • Conventional goggles only allow you to only see in front of you, limiting your field of vision, and causing you to miss out on 100% of the panoramic view.
  • When you do find that amazing coral reef or beautiful fish, your lenses fog up and you can't see anything and you just get frustrated, like anyone would!

Don't you wish you invested in a better mask after paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to head out to the waters to go snorkeling?

Stop settling.

Get the BEST in Snorkeling Face Masks.


The easy solution to all your snorkeling needs! The Freedom Snorkel Mask is the all-in-one solution making breathing underwater easy. The full face mask allows you to breathe freely so you can focus on all the beautiful underwater scenery. The 180-degree full face design provides wider underwater views and gives you the protection you need. The Freedom Snorkel Mask is the world's best snorkeling mask for you to enjoy your diving experience!

  • ULTIMATE BREATHING SYSTEM - Experience the newest evolution in snorkeling technology: the full face breathing mask. The innovative 180° View Diving Mask design eliminates the traditional 2-piece goggle / tube setup and allows regular, natural breathing with maximum comfort.
  • CLARITY & COMFORT - Outfitted with a wide-angle, anti-fogging viewing window, comfortable silicon face padding, and easily adjustable nylon straps. Spend more time in the water and less time messing with equipment.
  • DRY TOP SEAL & DRAIN VALVE - A dry top seal at the head of the tube prevents water from entering the mask when submerged. The seal works in tandem with a one-way drain valve at the chin which ventilates any leaked water. There is never a need to remove the mask.
  • DURABLE - Constructed of a durable polypropylene frame and shatter-proof poly-carbonate window, the 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask guarantees a quality, long-lasting device to take on all your adventures. Never worry about cracked or split snorkel tubes.
  • SAFETY - The snorkel top can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional Snorkel.
  • Equipped with camera mount, easily attached to GoPro camera
  • Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities
  • Two sizes: S/M - L/XL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a good diving mask
Because of the amount of oxygen held in the mask while in the water, it's difficult to swim more than a few feet underwater. Diving 15 or 20 feet down isn't possible. This is, without question, the BEST snorkeling device for floating on the surface, face down. It provides an amazing view because of the broad, unobstructed facepiece.

Q: Can I breath under water with this item?
This mask is designed for surface swim. Usually free dive masks are designed with the lowest volume of air possible because it compresses the deeper you go. Our mask has massive amounts of volume for breathing so it would be difficult to dive deeper than 8 feet. While we do not suggest customers free diving with this mask, the view when used for snorkeling is amazing! 

How do I choose the right size?

  1. Measure the distance between nose bridge to bottom of the chin.
  2. If the distance is less than 4.7 inches (12cm), choose S/M.
  3. If the distance is more than 4.7 inches (12cm), choose L/XL.


Product Includes

  • Diving Mask
  • Storing Bag 
  • English Manual
Instructions for Use
  • Before use, rinse the mask with clean water and dry.
  • Loosen the headbands and place the mask on your face beginning with your chin.
  • Pull headbands firmly over your head and ensure mask fits comfortably and tightly by adjusting the to ensure a snug mask.
  • Check and ensure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.

How to Maintain Mask

  • Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight when not in use. 
  • Use only a microfiber cloth to clean and dry the surface of mask. 
  • After use, rinse with clean water and air dry. 
  • After use in seawater, remove salt by immersing the mask in warm water for a few minutes and air dry.

Warnings and Guidelines

  • Do not use mask if damaged. 
  • Only use mask in water. 
  • Not recommended for deep diving.

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