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HandyTools™ Wall Peg Dispensing Tool

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Want To Make Decorating Or Remodeling Your Home Easier? Then This HandyTools™ Wall Peg Dispensing Tool Is Just For YOU!

Fed up with hanging pictures and other items around your house? Dealing with crooked pictures, gaping wall holes, and stubborn nails. Not to mention, using clunky hammers and hundreds of nails damage your walls. It can be hard trying to drive a nail or screw into the wall, getting it right where you want it, and having it be sturdy enough to hold what you want hung.

You don't have to struggle with any of those anymore with the HandyTools™ Wall Peg Dispensing Tool, the tool that will change your life! The ultimate handyman's tool that can be used to decorate, remodel, and simplify your home in a matter of seconds.


  1. INNOVATIVE TOOL: The revolutionary tool that will replace your hammers, nails, wires, and hooks. This amazing tool prevents the damaging effects of standard household tools, saving you time and money. Constructed with an auto-reloading mechanism, your pictures will come out nice, clean and straight, every time.
  2. PEG-DISPENSING DESIGN: Allows you to easily and securely hang any objects quickly.
  3. EASY TO USE: Simply load, level and press. Decorate, remodel, organize and simplify your life in an instant without the damaging effects of a hammer and nails.
  4. SUPER GRIP AND UPWARD-ANGLE DESIGN: Holds and supports an object up to 10 lbs. The built-in bubble leveler ensures correct placement and the peg-popper included ensures easy removal.
  5. NO MORE DAMAGES: Leaves only a tiny pinhole in the wall surface, making it great for students living in dorms and apartments where keeping walls damage-free is needed.


  • Material: Plastic, Aluminum Nail
  • Color: Black
  • Size: See photo below


    • 1 x Wall Peg Dispensing Tool
    • 36 x Pegs
    • 6 x Caps
    • 4 x Hooks

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