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Indoor Soccer Disk



Do You Love Playing Soccer? Then This Indoor Soccer Disk Is Just For You!

Stack some books and have your own playing field with YOUR OWN RULES at home!

Call your friends over and unleash the power of the almighty! Do your Ronaldo tricks, and score a goal for your team while they're distracted and still thinking of a strategy!

Don't worry about leaving marks on walls and furniture, this Indoor Soccer Disk floats on a cushion of air and is surrounded by a soft foam on the edges. Have fun and win that world cup!

  • The Indoor Soccer Disk can glide over any floor surface including wood, linoleum, ceramic tile, polished concrete, and even low-pile carpet. and turn it into instant playing field! It is great for both indoors and outdoors and is fun for all ages.
  • A soft cushion of foam surrounding the edge of the disk keeps it from damaging or marking up walls and furniture. This also makes the disk bounce back every time it hits walls and touch objects.
  • Its colorful LED flashing lights allow you to play even at night.
  • To use, just put it on a smooth surface and give it a little kick! You can kick it like a real soccer ball.


  • Diameter: 14 cm/18 cm/21.5 cm


  • 1 Indoor Soccer Disk

Is it noisy as it glides?

It has a soft hover-ish noise once turned on.

What batteries does this need?

You would need 4 AA batteries to make it work.

Can it be used outdoors?

Yes, but the grass has to be very short like the ones on a golf course.

Do you need to have shoes on when playing?

No. Since this has been designed for indoor use, you can play with it barefoot.

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