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Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector



Do You Want To Play An Extreme Game That Would Shock You And Your Friends? Then This Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector Is Just For YOU!

They say that the truth hurts, but a lie might just be worse. You'll certainly want to tell the truth when you're in the hot seat with the Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector!

Get your friends to shock you with the truth or shock them with their own lies. A safe but stinging shock that will make you think twice before you fudge the facts again!

The Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector is just a game machine for fun. A great choice as a gift for your friends!

  • Portable shocking lie detector machine.
  • The LED indicates the fact. If the tester tells a lie, he or she will be punished by an electric shock. 
  • Sensors to front and back.
  • Hand strap for maximum effect.
  • High/low shock setting.
  • Suction cup keeps it in place.
  • You strap your victim's hand to deliver a small electric shock when it thinks a lie is being told.
  • The lie detector evaluates the data and stores the information after each question — giving an accumulation of data on the person being questioned. 
  • The more questions that you ask, the more information the thruster lie detector has to evaluate, and the more accurate the result is.


  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 8 cm
  • Recommended Age: 14 years old and above


  • 1 x  Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector

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