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Hand Crank Food Processor



Are You Challenged To Cook Something Up In Just A Few Minutes? Then This Hand Crank Food Processor Is Just For You!

There are times when you arrive home tired and late from work and you have to prepare food quickly before your children start to complain of hunger. Cooking is easy, but it's the preparation that needs more time and work.

Whip it up fast and easy with this Hand Crank Food processor that does the necessary chopping, grinding, shredding, and juicing of your ingredients and show'em you're a super mom!

  • The triple bladed Samurai chopping blades which are made of surgical stainless steel that won’t bend or rust and are designed for fast and even chopping.
  • Equipped with an anti-skid base, handle, and pouring spout, our 5 cup bowl has the largest capacity on the market.
  • Features an oversized crank making it safer, more durable and easier to control for desired results.
  • Perfect for chopping vegetables, nuts, herbs, salsa, hummus, guacamole and more. Chop onions in seconds without tearing and garlic without stinking up the kitchen.
  • A great alternative to electric food choppers, that can be bulky, noisy, expensive and hard to clean.
  • The chopper’s components come apart for easy cleaning. Just rinse with water after use and drip dry. Blades are concealed during operation for utmost safety.
  • Chopper and all parts are made from BPA free food safe plastic.


    • Dimensions: Approx. 20cm x 19.8cm x 17.2cm or 7.87" x 7.80" x 6.77" 


    • 1 Hand Crank Food Procesor 


    Can it cut walnuts?

    Yes, don't worry, it chops almost everything except meat.

    What is the capacity of the container/mixing bowl?

    Approximately around 4-5 cups

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