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Multifunction Sports Water Bottle



Do You Want A Water Bottle That Does More Than Just Store Water? Then This Multifunction Sports Water Bottle Is Just For YOU!

Waterbottles are not just for water anymore with this Multifunction Sports Water Bottle!

The looks and function of an ordinary water bottle have been raised to another level!

Feeling oily or dry? Moisturize and use it's spray function! Whether it's just a casual run or extreme sports, carry it with you and there surely will be no leaking, no breaking, and it is also low temperature resistant!

If that didn't win you over yet, it also has an LED light that you can use as an emergency flashlight of SOS light that you can use in case you feel going for an evening jog!

When you're too busy to remember, it also notifies you when it's time to drink your water to avoid dehydration!

  • Water drinking reminder feature is perfect for both kids and adults
  • Sprays small mist like water droplets to moisturize dry skin, help prevent oily skin, and can function as a room humidifier too
  • Built-in LED lamp for emergency lighting needs
  • Crash proof, leak proof, and low temperature resistant
  • Ergonomically designed for convenient carrying


  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 80 mm
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Working time: ≤3.5h(Only spraying after full-charge)
  • Working time: ≤7h(Only Lighting after full-charge)
  • Working time: ≤2.5(Spraying+Lighting)


  • 1 Multifunction Sports Water Bottle

What should I use to charge it?

You can use a USB charger and charge it like your other electronic devices.

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