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Adjustable Head Neck Lifting Harness


The Adjustable Head Neck Lifting Harness was exclusively made to get your head in the game!

Strengthen your neck muscles with weight lifting harness that can be hooked to a variety of weights.

Highly durable neoprene build will manage sweat and provide an unbreakable, non-slip weight lifting experience.

Triple layer padding cushions and protects from every direction, lined with a soft polyester shearing for comfort, safe and easy to adjust.

A head harness is often used by athletes to strengthen and define the muscles of the neck.

Routine use of a head harness can build muscle mass as well as strengthen neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

Athletes who regularly use head harnesses for neck strength include wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters, and body builders.


  1. Fully adjustable heavy duty. Tested for the strength and endurance
  2. Lined with cordura nylon fabric and padded with soft polyester shearing for comfort and cushioning
  3. Recommended for all athletes, Specifically designed those in contact sports
  4. Essential tool for neck developing exercise, Superior saddle stitching throughout
  5. Excellent 100% quality/One Size fits all
  6. Satisfaction value for money

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