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Pet Nail Trimmer


It's very important to keep your pet's nails regularly trimmed and groomed for their hygiene and safety... but this is one daunting task pets hate and pet lovers find worrisome. 

Cut your buddy's nails safe and conveniently with this revolutionary Pet Nail Trimmer. This is no ordinary nail cutter! 

Pet's nails are structured differently from us humans. A huge portion of the exposed parts of their nails have highly sensitive veins called the "quick" and these are often cut by regular nail clippers, sending your buddies jolts of pain when cut.

The Pet Nail Trimmer allows you to avoid cutting this sensitive area, keeping the task of nail clipping pain-free for your buddy, and hassle-free for you.

  • Super bright LED Light Quick Finder- illuminates and highlights the nail, enabling you to spot the nail easily so you know where to cut precisely
  • Gentle Nail Guide for easy and comfortable placement of nails on the clipper 
  • Ultra sharp blades makes cutting faster and easier - with extra durable and long lasting sharpness
  • Nail trapper allows you to catch nails as you clip - no more cleaning up scattered nail debris or accidentally stepping on them
  • With magnification mirror that magnifies up 5x to make nails visible allowing you to cut nails properly with caution
  • Ergonomic handles for a non-slip, comfortable grip
  • Save time when trimming your pet's nails without hurting them

Recommended and veterinarian approved, this is crafted and designed mainly to allow pet owners to cut pet nails safely and easily like a pro. Save yourself from trips to pet grooming shops that only add up to your expenses.

Give your furry friend the grooming it deserves with TLC! The Pet Nail Trimmer is a must-have for any pet mom and dad out there!

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