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Pet Grooming Brush



Are Your Pets Shedding Like It's Their Job? Then This Pet Grooming Brush Is Just For You!

We all know the joy of having pets around, but while they give you good company, they shed occasionallyto excessively turning your house into a snow globe. The fur settles on your rugs, furniture, and even get stuck to your feet giving you a feeling of discomfort.

When not taken care of, the fine loose hair also nestles in their bodies making them feel heavy and uncomfortable especially during hot summer days.

Be satisfied with a tumbleweed of fur removed at once with this Pet Grooming Brush and free your pet and yourself from nasty shedding now!

  • REDUCES SHEDDING UP TO 95% - quickly and effectively removes a large amount of loose hair, dead hair, dirt and dander that deep beneath the bottom the coat. 
  • NO HURT SAFE and DURABLE STEEL BRUSH - Enough thickness and smooth teeth make this brush safe for your pet. Stainless steel ensures a long-term use.
  • COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC HANDLE - designed with eco-friendly silicone and ergonomically shaped handle providing you comfortable gripping. And easy to use without slipping.
  • EASY CLEANING DETACHABLE BLADE - No need to worry about the cleaning. After finishing grooming, just use a cloth and a little brush(or just toothbrush) can easily clean it. And the blade can be detached and stored expediently.
  • 3 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE SIZES - Look for the best size for your pet. Perfect for small to large furry pets.


    • Handle length: 12 cm or 4.7"
    • Steel comb length: (L) 10 cm or 3.9", (M) 6.6cm or 2.6", (S) 5 cm or 1.96"


    • 1 Pet Grooming Brush

    Will this grooming comb cut my dog's fur off?

    No. It just brushes the loose fur off at once. Best to use outside since fur the goal is to keep fur away from the house.

    Is it comfortable for the dogs? 

    We received feedback from customers who bought this product that their dogs are enjoying every stroke and it leaves them with a lighter, shinier look.

    I have 3 dogs, can one work for all of them?

    Yes. You do not need to buy one each for your dogs. It is very easy to clean and easily works on different coats.

    Does it remove ticks too?

    No. This product is for combing loose hair off and not a tick remover.

    Click "Add Cart" now and start combing your way out of a furry situation!

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