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Waterproof Bicycle Bag



Need To Check Your Phone When Cycling? Then This Waterproof Bicycle Bag Is Exactly What You Need!

Cellphones are maps in this decade. With the internet and GPS, you can find shortcuts, avoid congested car and people traffic, the possibilities are endless!

But you might need divine intervention to maintain your balance when cycling if you'll need to check where your next turn will be. Stop wobbling around and get this Waterproof Bicycle Bag that gives you a clear view of your map and keeps your valuables safe too!

  •  UPGRADE YOUR RIDE — Enhance your riding experience with this bike handlebar bag! While other bike panniers are hard to reach and interfere with cycling, this bag’s sleek design keeps it away from the gears and gives you easy access to your device.
  • TOUCH-SCREEN VIEWING — Access GPS and Google maps to keep track of your route and explore new terrain, safely listen to music, or make hands-free calls! Clear phone bike pouch protects your device and is compatible with most Apple and Android phones.
  • PROTECT AGAINST WEATHER & FALLS — Cycling across rocky terrain, cruising on your motorcycle, or road biking in damp conditions? This waterproof motorcycle handlebar bag protects your device and accessories from harsh weather conditions or crashes.
  • EASILY INSTALL ON ANY BIKE — This quick release handlebar bag features adjustable velcro straps to hold the pack securely to your bike frame. Easy to install and remove, this front pouch bag fits most bikes & motorcycles and is safe for high speeds.
  • GOING THE EXTRA MILE MATTERS — the spacious interior is ideal for holding cameras, sunscreen, snacks, or a bike repair kit. With a removable shoulder strap, this front bike frame bag doubles as a travel purse, so you can be ready for that extra mile.


  • Dimensions: 22 cm x 11 cm


  • 1 Waterproof Bicycle Bag

What phones fit in the phone pouch?

The dimensions of the pouch are 15 cm x 9 cm. We tried it with an iPhone 6 plus and it fits perfectly!

Click " Add Cart" now and check your phone anytime you want to when cycling!

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