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Waist Trainer Corset



Do You Want To Have An Hourglass Figure In An Instant? Then This Waist Trainer Corset Is Just For You!

You look in the mirror and you see how beautiful you are. Your hair is long with the right volume, your eyes are smoky, your brows are on fleek, and your lips are full and red. You put your long black gown on, and you could hit all the marks and get a 10 if there could have been a slightly deeper curve on your sides. Be a head turner and leave them all in awe when you wear this Waist Trainer Corset under your clothes to give you the right curves in the right places!

  • Its double compression waist training technology allows you to achieve that craved hourglass shape in seconds.When worn during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape.
  • 3 rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment, you can adjust as you make progress with your training and ensure you maintain a snug fit at all times. Great to wear with slim fit clothing, makes you feel confident and fit.
  • Another trait of this item, which also works as an effective corset for postpartum is the fact that it’s made from the finest and most comfortable fabric. It’s comfortable enough that you will never worry about it irritating or pinching your skin.
  • Flexible supportive bones around the waist corset, they can bend easily providing waist & back support making you feel comfortable when wearing it.
  • Made from stretchable, breathable, and lightweight materials, seamless technology, no-trace, comfortable, suitable for all seasons


  • Waist size: (S) 60.96cm-66.04cm, (M) 60.96cm-66.04cm, (L) 71.12cm-76.2cm, (XL) 76.2cm-81.28cm, (XXL) 81.28cm-86.36cm, (XXXL) 86.36cm-91.44cm, (4XL) 91.44cm-96.52cm, (5XL) 96.52cm-101.6cm, (6XL) 101.6cm-106.68cm


  • 1 Waist Trainer Corset


Does this really work?

Yes, we have received positive feedback from our customers and the comments include hiding muffin tops, flattening the tummy, and breathable.

How do I know my size?

Get your waistline and check the specifications. If you find your in between sizes, we suggest you get the bigger one.

Can I wear it even when sleeping?

If you are comfortable, definitely yes, this is made of soft, elastic materials.

Does this help you lose your stomach weight?

It could be used to help lose weight. However, it's mostly just for helping posture and making you look skinnier.

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