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PureCommode™ Toilet Cleaning Pumice Stone

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Keeping Toilet Bowl Clean Made So Easy With PureCommode™ Toilet Cleaning Pumice Stone!

A clean toilet bowl is a reflection of a clean home. However, cleaning the toilet bowl from stains and hard-water deposits is a very tough work to do. It does not only consumes too much time but it could also your energy as well. But with a perfect tool to help you, cleaning your toilet can just be a walk in the park. Now give your toilet a brand new look with PureCommode™ Toilet Cleaning Pumice Stone. 


  1. COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD CLEANING: This is not just for your toilet bowl but for most household cleaning. It can be used for cleaning kitchen, batch, barbecue grills, laundry room fixtures, pool tiles and stone, even remove foot callus effectively
  2. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It is designed with handy and heavy-duty protective handles that protect your hands against being soiled as you clean.
  3. ECO-FRIENDLY: This is not a chemical cleaner, so it is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. It's an "old-fashioned" solution that beat out all the chemicals and acids. This is non-toxic and odorless.
  4. CONVENIENT TO USE: It cleans porcelain fixtures, hard-water stains, pool tile, toilet bowls, barbeques, steel, and stone, removes stubborn hard-water deposits using a gentle abrasive action
  5. DURABLE: It is more than 40% denser than similar products to last longer and clean better. It has the finer abrasive grit to diminish scratching.


  • Material: Pumice Stone
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 40mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 220 grams


  • 2 x Toilet Cleaning Pumice Stone

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