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RainGuard™ Foldable UFO Umbrella Cap


Wear Your Umbrella Like Never Before With The RainGuard™ Foldable UFO Umbrella Cap! 

Umbrella is very useful as it protects us from rain and even from the heat of the sun. While this is very useful to us, this is also very inconvenient to use as you need to hold it with your hand thus limiting your movements.  With the RainGuard™ Foldable UFO Umbrella Cap, using umbrella has never been this smart and easy.

  1. SMART DESIGN:This umbrella is designed to give you maximum shade from rain or sun and does not require you to hold it. 
  2. EASY TO CARRY: It comes in a compact foldable design so you can just slip it inside your bag. Perfect for travel and outdoor companion.
  3. ULTRA DURABLE: It is made from high-grade plastic that does not easily wear out with constant use and sudden change in weather or temperature


  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride Plastic
  • Color: Yellow, Red, Blue (colors at random since we would like to surprise you!)
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Sizes: Small, Medium Large
    • Small: 90cm - 130cm
    • Medium: 130cm - 155cm
    • Large: 155cm - 180cm


  • 1 x Foldable UFO Umbrella Cap

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