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Rotating Faucet Nozzle



Do You Want Your Faucet To Generate A Gentle But Powerful Stream? Then This Rotating Faucet Nozzle Is Just For YOU!

All faucets are not built the same. There are faucets that are built to have low water pressures, making cleaning and rinsing a slow process. And faucets that produce a fast and continuous stream that splashes your skin and clothes, wasting so much water because of too high water pressure.

Adjust your kitchen and bathroom faucets with the Rotating Faucet Nozzle!  A nozzle that provides you gentle streams and the right amount of water pressure, saving water and energy!

  • Quality faucet accessory for kitchen or bathroom.
  • Save energy: Water saving 30%-70%
  • Simple to install aerator spray keeps splashing to a minimum.
  • Swivel and tilt ball joint lets you get the perfect angle.
  • The dual-function nozzle has a normal aerated stream and strong spray. pattern.
  • 360°rotation: Water can easily cover the whole sink.


  • Material: Cuprum, ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Size: Approx.57 x 35 x 21 mm
  • Adapter Outer Diameter: 22 mm


  • 1 x Rotating Faucet Nozzle

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