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Silicone Shoe Insoles



Do You Want To Relieve Foot Pain From Walking? Then These Silicone Shoe Insoles Are Perfect For YOU!

Walking is a great body exercise. It is also good for the overall health and wellness. But sometimes, you may experience discomfort or foot pain from long hours of walking. With Silicone Shoe Insoles, you get the stability, support and comfort you need while walking! You won't experience any foot pain or discomfort anymore!

  • With curved silicone gel cushion that provides strong arch support and reduces heel pressure for comfortable walking.
  • Designed with holes to offer breathability and ensure airflow to prevent any foot skin problems.
  • Can be cut to fit any size and type of shoes!


  • Materials: EVA & Silicone
  • Sizes: SMALL (25.8cm x 9cm); LARGE (28.5cm x 9.5cm): Can be cut according to shoe size
  • Size Variations: SMALL (suitable for Women); LARGE (suitable for Men)

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