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Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker



Do You Love Music?  Then This Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker Is Just For YOU!

Do you like listening to your playlist while cleaning the house?  Playing songs thru your phone is convenient enough.  But it's only as loud as it gets.  Amplify your phone and enjoy your music better with the Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker!

  • Easy to use: Just lay your device down to have amazing booming sound instantly!
  • Easy to connect: No docks. No wires. No Bluetooth! All you need is a device with an external speaker
  • High quality: Clear, crisp, high-quality sound that will be sure to amaze you & everyone else
  • High tech: “Near Field Audio” technology allows the Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker to play music at high volume & high quality by simply laying your device on top of the speaker


    • Working time: about 6 hours
    • Battery: 800mA
    • Output power: 3W x 2RMS
    • SINR: 80db
    • Induced voltage: 40mV
    • Soundtrack: single track
    • Input power: DC 5V/500mA
    • Power plug specification: Micro USB
    • Degree of distortion: <3%
    • Size: 127 x 90 x 83mm


    "Does it work with android phones?"
    Yes. All devices that have an external speaker will be able to be used with the Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker.

    "Will it work with the phone case on?"
    Absolutely, yes!

    "How loud is this speaker?"
    The Smart Magnetic Induction Resonance Speaker has a 3W speaker which can get very loud. You can manually adjust the volume of the BoomTouch on the device you are using. 

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