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Tire Pressure Monitor



Want To Be Notified When Your Wheels Need More Air? Then This Tire Pressure Monitor Is Just For You!

Most of the time, it's when you're driving when you notice that something is off because the tires are losing pressure. This causes a multitude of problems that lead to changing your tires prematurely.

It might not sound important but keeping your tires properly inflated enables your vehicle to perform at its best too.

Keep your tires longer and always have an awesome driving experience with this Tire Pressure Monitor that notify you on your phone once the tires need more air!


  • Sends fast and accurate notifications to phone through Bluetooth.
  • Anti-theft and waterproof (IP67).
  • Works up to 5 - 8 years
  • Has KPA, BAR and PSI switch function.
  • Has C and F temperature switch function.


  • External Variant Dimensions: 18 cm x 23 cm
  • Built-in Variant Dimensions: 77 cm x 44 cm
  • Can not be used on Car's Android Navigation


  • 4 Tire Pressure Monitor 
  • 1 Card with App QR Code

Built-in Tire Pressure Monitor:

  • Each sensor has a unique ID code. Make sure sensor installed in the corresponding tire.
  • After sensor installation, pump up the tire and open the APP on your phone and choose Auto Pair simultaneously
  • Press “Search” button to complete binding

External Tire Pressure Monitor:

  • Each sensor has a unique ID code. Make sure sensor installed on corresponding tire valve.
  • Make sure that the Tire Pressure Monitor is securely installed
  • Download an APP on your phone, make sure your cellphone on Bluetooth mode, then search and connect.
  • Enter the corresponding Sensor ID, then the APP will display the tire pressure and temperature of four tires.
  • Screw on Tire Pressure Monitor and tighten.

What is the range of the sensor?

You will be notified as far as 18m.

Will this work on the wheels of a 24-foot travel trailer that I tow?

As long as there is a valve it would definitely work.

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