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Wireless Bluetooth Gloves



Do You Love Taking Hands-Free Calls?  Then This Wireless Bluetooth Gloves Is Just For YOU!

Do you always have to take off your gloves whenever you use your phone?  Having it on wouldn't allow you to use your touchscreen devices.  Take calls or play games freely without freezing with these Wireless Bluetooth Gloves!

  • These Wireless Bluetooth Gloves are the perfect addition to any winter collection. Replace your tatty gloves with these fantastic one size and ultra comfortable magic gloves with the added benefit of being able to answer all of your calls and use your touchscreen device on the go without removing your glove.
  • This pair of Bluetooth gloves provides a fun, and super cool way to make and take calls on the go. It has a built-in microphone and speaker sewed into the thumb of the glove allowing you to talk to your hand as if it were your mobile phone.
  • No need to take your gloves off to take a call wherever you are any longer! This is a 2 in 1 product, a pair of touchscreen gloves and a Bluetooth headset combined.


    • Material: Wool, Polyester


    • 1 x Left Hand Bluetooth Glove with Touch Screen tips
    • 1 x Right Hand Glove with Touch Screen tips
    • 1 x Charging Cable


    "Does the speaker ring loud enough for an incoming call? or we'll have to rely on phone's speaker?"
    Yes. It rings loud enough to hear calls.

    "Are these gloves comfortable? Do the mic and speaker affect the usefulness of the fingers or the glove?"
    Nothing to worry. The mic and speaker do not interfere with Bluetooth glove use. The compact design makes it hidden within the glove.

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